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Things to Know About SEO

keyToSEOSEO is Not Brain Surgery

Search Engine Optimization really is a quite simple process really, all you need is fantastic content directing your readers to an amazing website. There are many other things going on, but Google wants websites that are unique and bring visitors back over and over.

You Get What You Pay For

There is good SEO and bad SEO. When someone offers you an SEO package of $75 a month, you have to think, “you only get what you pay for”. Bad SEO, or black hat SEO, can leave your website blocked by search engines and it can take a very long time to fix the damage it does. Search engine optimization is time consuming and when you have a low budget, the quality is going to be low as well.

Find a REAL Expert

A good SEO campaign takes a lot of time and work focused to get good results. Don’t take the 18 year old SEO Expert’s word, trust reputable agencies with a proven track record.

Don’t Skimp on the Design

Cookie cutter websites and drag and drop websites don’t cut it. You will not get ranked high up on the search engines with these companies. Business owners get the cheapest website they can and the result is a website which can not get optimized for the search engine.

Open Communication is Essential

Set-up a regular update with your SEO agency. Understand that results take time, this is not something that happens over night but a transparent, honest organization will be happy to give you updates and walk you step-by-step through the steps and what you can expect to see.

Are You Good SEO or Bad SEO?

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