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How Often Should You Post & What Should You Post on Social Media?

When to post on social media and what to post.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to display your product and bring attention back to your webpage. It is also a highly competitive environment for the attention of your potential and current customers, and you have to do it right to get the attention desired.

Signing your business up for social media is just the first step in a successful social media campaign. The next step brings you to these questions: What are you supposed to post? How often should you post content?

There is actually a strategy to social media marketing. Each individual business may have slight differences, but once you get started you’ll be able to see trends of what is popular and what works and you can adjust accordingly.


As of October 3, 2013 there were 500 million people on Facebook.  While Facebook provides a huge audience to draw from,  there is also a huge amount of content to compete with.

The goal with Facebook is to post high quality content less often.  Make each post count.

  • Post at least 3X each week
  • Post no more than 10X per week
  • Aim for quality content vs quantity


Twitter is all about posting a lot and socially interacting with your followers and with those you follow. Build a community and link to your website as often as possible.

Post at least 5X each week
Post as often as possible
Aim for quantity content vs quality


It is important to be on LinkedIn for business exposure, but you don’t post often. Just enough to share content about your business and interesting facts.

Post at least 2X each week
Post no more than 5X per week
Post formal & technical content around your business & industry.


Google+ is a place to post great content a few times a week. The more quality posts you do, the better the search engine can catalog your content.

Post at least 3X per week
Post no more than 10X per week
Use relevant keywords to increase ranking in a Google search.


Pinterest is a place to post high quality content as often as possible. Use  high quality, beautiful images; the right keywords and hashtags to get your content found(is there a better more technical word?); and link all your pins back to your website.

  • Post at least 5X per week
  • Post no more than 10X per week
  • Large, high resolution images are important to get noticed in the Pinterest feed.

With this information, you are armed to do battle on the fields of social media, bringing attention to your brand and products. It is a bit overwhelming, especially when running a business of your own. That’s why Tabula Rasa Marketing is here to help you. We have experts ready to make your social media campaign a success. Contact us for more information: 801-997-0486


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