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My Son Goes Hulk

Sean Goes Hulk

Superheroes have always been big in my house.  I know more about the battle between DC & Marvel than I ever thought I would.  I can honestly say that I love Ironman and watch the movies even if the kids aren’t home – they are actually my favorite late night coding movie to have playing in the background.  My son Sean, however, is the funniest, most adorable little superhero fan I’ve ever seen.

This morning he came in to say goodbye before he left for school.  I immediately notice that he’s wearing his heavy winter coat.

Me: “Why are you wearing your coat?”

Sean: “It is still cold in the morning.”

Me: “It is going to be 95 today.  Leave the coat at home, you’ll survive the 30 minutes you are outside this morning.”

Sean reluctantly takes off the coat and immediately shoves his hands in his pockets.

Me: “What are you hiding?”

Sean:  <pause>  “Nothing.”

Me: “Show me your hands.”

He pulls his hands out and he is covered in green.  Apparently he told his friends that he’s turning into the Hulk and while in bed, after his shower, he colored himself green.  Who knows how long he stayed up doing this, and what dedication it took to make this happen.  Needless to say, he went and took a shower before school.

He has already told me that when he turns 16, the arc reactor will get put into his chest.  What he doesn’t know… he’s already a superhero to me.

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