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I’m A Very Proud Momma!

I’m A Very Proud Momma!

I have been greatly blessed in life by my two children.  I’m sure that every mother says that and I can’t dispute that other parents have moments where they are so proud of their children that they could burst.  But today, it is my turn, and I can’t say enough about my two boys.

Benjamin Receives the PriesthoodBenjamin started off life struggling more than the average baby.  He was born six weeks premature at 5 lbs 1 ounce.  He was a fighter and didn’t need much help, just a little here and there, but it seemed to set the stage for his little life.  Everything that he has accomplished has been with a fight, and he’s become a strong young man.

We were lucky to find the school that Benjamin is attending so close to our home.  Endeavor Hall is a charter school with an emphasis on writing.  Since starting there at the beginning of 2013, not only has Benjamin Joseph Wright pulled his grades up and started to really excel in school, not only did he win the school science fair for his grade and progress to the District science fair, but he also spent weeks earning an entire set of Hunger Games books through good behavior at school so he could give them to give to a teacher who needed them.

You see, another student had stolen the teacher’s copy of The Hunger Games and Benjamin could see how upset she was about this.   He has always been naturally generous and kind, and I love the person that he is.  Rather than earn the set for himself, or getting another book for himself, all he wanted to do was to serve this teacher who had been helping him in math.  He did this without telling me and without receiving any glory.  He did it because he cares.

I sit here writing this, breaking down in tears over the man that my wonderful son has become.  I love watching him bless the lives of others as he has blessed mine for twelve years.

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