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Until recently, I was not one for using hashtags. I didn’t get the big deal. It was still mostly a Twitter thing and the appeal of Twitter wasn’t something I personally used a lot. Then facebook started supporting hashtags and I began to see what the big deal about. It was so easy to link things together, and create a custom network of terms which could lead people back to me.

I also saw far too much hashtag abuse. Too many of my friends were adding a hashtag to nearly every word, moderation was not in their vocabulary. How can you properly use hashtags to promote your businesses without sending your readers running for the hills? Follow the simple guidelines below and you’ll be well on your way being an expert #hashtagger.

Moderation In All Things

It is important to use related and linked keywords to boost interest your post, linking it to related posts, not waste interest with too many hashtags. When you make each word a hagtag, readers lose interest and move on


Follow a Theme

Writing about trending topics is the best way to bring more attention to your brand and to establish yourself as an expert in your field. If the tag isn’t related to your area of expertise, don’t tag it – it lowers your credibility.

Keep It Simple

We’ve all seen hastags that are so long and complicated that they are hard to read. It is okay to group words into one hastag, but be sure to make it obvious where one word ends, and another begins. Capitalizing each word makes it easier, but put a limit on how many words you combine, keeping it simple to keep it clear.

Be Descriptive, Be Interesting

Does your company have a latest and greatest idea that they want to promote? Use descriptive tags that will draw interest. Descriptive tags will draw more interest and direct more content to your website.

Always remember that hastags should be spelled correctly and proper grammar, even in your relevant hastags. This helps the reader connect and understand what you are going for in your message. Write about a variety of topics, not just the same thing each time – look for the opportunity to write about the trending topics. Keep a consistant voice, and add humor to your posts. Don’t be afraid to show that you are a real human being, people will appreciate that.

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