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Character Counts

Blog Roll

What’s a blogroll?

It’s a fun way of generating a greater sense of indie writing community, more traffic to individual author blogs, and a deeper sense on the craft of writing. A blogroll begins with one blog answering a series of themed questions and then introducing several destination blogs and their authors. Those “tagged” bloggers will then answer the questions, include links to the blog(s) that the roll previously appeared on and “tag” several other bloggers to participate.

And so the blog posts roll…

This blogroll is all about characters.

Writing them, editing them, defining them, and playing favorites with them.

If you’re participating in this blogroll, just answer the following questions, include the previously tagged authors and their blogs, and add some new authors/bloggers below. I’d appreciate you including the blogroll image above, but I won’t chase after you with any red pens of doom if you don’t. Yep, it’s really that simple.

Welcome to the BlogRoll:

Characters Count!

What is your favorite part about writing characters?

I enjoy the surprises I find out about my characters. For instance, in my current book, my female main character falls in love… which I totally did not expect. Especially because of who she fell in love with. However, when I began to write the scene the relationship developed so naturally that I now can’t imagine them without each other.

While I may be writing fictional characters, these people become very real, dynamic entities to me. I mourn their losses, get angry when someone harms them, and passionately fill my pages with their life stories and experiences.

What is the hardest thing you have to do when you create a character and what’s the easiest?

Hardest: Not writing too much about them. I want people to know them as I know them.

Easiest: Seeing their faults. I love that my characters are flawed.

Who is your favorite character that you’ve written?

A character in my current book who is a wounded vet dealing with severe PTSD. She is a wonderful person struggling with her demons and dealing with incredible amounts of guilt.

Who is one character you wish you had written?

Jane Eyre

Is there a character type that intimidates you?

Writing people with accents. I just can’t do it.

Is there a character type that you’re really good at?

I really enjoy writing military people. I grew up around them and have a love for them, so they are engrained in my heart.

Best tip/trick you’ve learned while writing characters?

No character is so beautiful/handsome that you need to write every detail of their appearance. I don’t know how many of my characters have had eyes that were like dark pools of chocolate and ruby red lips. Real people aren’t like that. Well, except for me. *bats luxurious eyelashes over eyes that are like deep pools of dark chocolate*

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